1. Building Department

    The Building Department enhances the general safety, health and welfare of the public through the adoption and enforcement of the most current building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other codes.

  2. Clerk's Office

    The City of Van Buren City Clerk's Office is responsible for a variety of different aspects that include public records, city council meetings, and business licenses

  3. District Court

    View more information about the District Office of the City of Van Buren.

  4. Fire Department

    The Van Buren Fire Department is dedicated to the safety and well being of the citizens of Van Buren.

  5. Floodplain Management

    Find out important information about floodplain locations, flood insurance, and view the City of Van Buren GIS.

  6. GIS

    A Geographic Information System is a system that is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present different types of geographic data. The City of Van Buren's goal is to provide relevant geographic data and analysis to the public to better serve the citizens of Van Buren.

  7. Historic District

    View helpful resources concerning the historic district of the City of Van Buren.

  8. Maintenance

    The maintenance and cleanliness of city facilities and grounds is very important to us. To report any maintenance issues or concerns, please contact us at 479-471-5025 and we will address the issues as soon as possible.

  9. Police Department

    The Van Buren Police Department is dedicated to the safety and well being of the citizens of Van Buren.

  10. Planning & Development

    The Planning Department is committed to serving the City in achieving a high quality of life by providing professional guidance and coordination of all land planning and development activities, and by consistently implementing the City's regulations and policies.

  11. Street Department

    The City of Van Buren's Street Department is dedicated to improving and maintaining Van Buren's city streets, and is always on stand-by to respond to hazardous weather conditions that may affect travel and safety within city limits.

  12. Water Department

    The Van Buren Municipal Utilities provides water, sewer, and sanitation services for the City of Van Buren, Arkansas. The mission of the Van Buren Municipal Utilities is to provide a safe, adequate supply of water for drinking and potable uses as well as fire protection; the safe collection, treatment, and disposal of sanitary sewage or wastewater; and the environmentally safe and efficient collection and disposal of residential solid waste and recyclables.