City Clerk - Treasurer's Office


Clerk's Office Overview & Responsibilities

The head of the City Clerk's Office is the City Clerk, Phyllis Thomas. The City of Van Buren City Clerk’s Office is responsible for the following information:
  • Public Records such as Ordinances, Resolutions, and City Council Minutes passed during City Council Meetings.
  • Regular City Council Meetings are held the 4th Monday every month at 5:30 p.m. There is a fee for making copies. Please request cost through Clerk's Office.
  • Business Licenses for all operating businesses within the city limits of Van Buren. Fees depend on nature of business and how many employees the business has.
  • Dog Licenses for all dogs owned within the city limits of Van Buren. Fees for dog licenses are $5 per dog and can also be purchased at Hubbs Animal Clinic or Pointer Trail Animal Clinic for the same price.

    The Municipal Complex remains closed to the public.  In order to have a garage sale, you must have an issued permit. 

    • Drop Box located at the Complex, 1003 Broadway, Van Buren.

    • Write your name, address, phone number and the dates of the sale on the envelope provided on the box. Put your payment in the envelope and then into the drop box.

    • Drop Box is checked twice each day.

    • Permit cost is $5 each day of the sale up to three consecutive days.

    • Payment must be check or money order.

    • Permits are processed and mailed to you the same day as you make your payment IF dropped off before 2:00 p.m. otherwise it will be mailed the following day.