Building Department



The Building Department strives to enhance the general safety, health, and welfare of the public through the adoption and enforcement of the most current building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other codes. The department also regulates and maintains all township building codes. The goal of the department is to provide the highest quality of service with the greatest efficiency. The customers for the department are external and internal; they include the general public, contractors, design professionals, legal professionals, the Fire Department, Planning and Engineering Department, and the representatives of various state agencies.

The department plays an important role in the community, not only with regard to new construction, but also with the repair and alteration of existing buildings. Because the building industry is ever changing, code enforcement personnel must stay informed regarding new materials, processes and practices. The department exerts a positive influence on the environment and contributes to the economic health and well being of the community as both an educator and valuable resource. To contact David Martin, please call 479-474-8943.

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