City Clerk - Treasurer's Office


Clerk's Office Overview & Responsibilities

The head of the City Clerk's Office is the City Clerk, Shawnna Reynolds. The City of Van Buren City Clerk’s Office is responsible for the following information:

  • Public Records such as Ordinances, Resolutions, and City Council Minutes passed during City Council Meetings.
  • Regular City Council Meetings are held the 4th Monday every month at 5:30 p.m. There is a fee for making copies. Please request cost through Clerk's Office.
  • Business Licenses for all operating businesses within the city limits of Van Buren. Fees depend on nature of business and how many employees the business has.
  • Dog Licenses for all dogs owned within the city limits of Van Buren. Fees for dog licenses are $5 per dog and can also be purchased at Hubbs Animal Clinic or Pointer Trail Animal Clinic for the same price.
  • Garage Sale Permits- $5 per day. Limit to 2 times per year. Up to three consecutive days. 

 City Budgets and Audit Reports