Fire Department

Van Buren Firemen with a fire truck

The firefighter examination notice can be read at this link.  For further information, please contact Marvin Stout, 479-471-5032.

Non-Emergency Administration Phone Number:  479-471-5031 

Firehouse Officers                 


 The Van Buren Fire Department is dedicated to the safety and well being of the citizens of Van Buren. 

Burn Permits
 All residential open burning is prohibited without the issuance of an approved "Burning Permit." Burning is restricted to daylight hours only. Permission for open burning may be granted by authority of the Van Buren Fire Department by issuance of a "Burning Permit." Permits will be issued Monday through Saturday 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Burn Permit applications can be picked up at the nearest Fire Station from your home. 

Fire Code, Alarm Submission & Hydrant Information