Planning & Development



The Planning Department is committed to serving the City in achieving a high quality of life by providing professional guidance and coordination of all land planning and development activities, and by consistently implementing the City's regulations and policies.

Planning Commission

Click here for commissioner contact information and for the 2023 planning commission submittal dates.  

Property Records

Please view the County Assessor's Real Property Records for property values, address, subdivision information, and ownership information.

Floodplain Information

For floodplain information, please view our resources on floodplain management.

City Ordinances

To find more information on city ordinances in the City of Van Buren, please view our public records.

Subdivision Review

All items for review by the subdivision review committee are due in the Planning Department office by 12:00 P.M., five working days before the actual meeting. Please click the link for utility company contact information. If you need further information, please contact the Planning Department at 479-471-5006.

Standard Drawings & Specifications

For additional resources, please view our public records.

Van Buren Online Maps

City of Van Buren (Includes Parcel Data, Planning Jurisdiction, Zoning Information, Flood Data, Etc.) 

Zoning & Development Information

Property Subdivision & Land Use Information

Other Ordinances

Land Development Resources